Art Jamming - Self-Care Interest Group


Art Jamming led by Rosie McGowan - Self-Care Interest Group

Think of the old oxygen on a plane scenario - when there's an emergency on a plane, we are told to put the oxygen masks on ourselves first, before we help others. We can't help other people if we're struggling to breathe ourselves. As drama educators, self-care is vital, so that we can give the best to those around us when we need to.

For this edition of the self-care interest group led by drama practitioner Rosie McGowan, we’ll be doing some art jamming and creating our own little self-care jars! For reference, this is what they look like:

Each unique jar created with your own hands is filled with phrases of encouragement and self-care. Everything else from ribbons to washi tape is up to you to decorate as you see fit. At the end of the day, you’ll be the proud owner of your very own self-care jar!

Date: Wednesday, 19 June 2019
Time: 7pm
Venue: Goodman Arts Centre, 90 Goodman Road, Block B, #04-02
Price: $5 per participant

*Participants are required to bring their own jars for the session, and do dress comfortably.

About SDEA Interest Groups
At Let’s Connect: Interweave in February 2019, SDEA announced Interest Groups – ground-up interest groups led by members based on what they are passionate about and what they want to advocate for in the field of drama/theatre in performance, education, and community. We want to empower our members to advocate, and do more than they would be able to on their own.

It takes time, conscious effort, and resources to grow advocates and leaders in the arts, especially considering we have very different and diverse causes and needs.

Through these interest groups, we can get feedback and input from these different theatre/drama communities which will better reflect the ground needs. This in turn will help SDEA identify and advocate for changes that are relevant.

After all, we cannot assume that the needs for different theatre/drama communities can be met by one catch-all activity/solution.

About SDEA
Established in 2002 as a not-for-profit organisation by a group of artists and drama educators, SDEA’s mission is to advance the profession of the drama/theatre educator and advocate for the practice and value of drama and theatre in performance, education and community.

SDEA is run by a volunteer committee comprising 9 members elected on a 2-year cycle supported by a secretariat at Goodman Arts Centre.

Wed Jun 19, 2019
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM SGT
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Participant SOLD OUT $5.00
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90 Goodman Road Singapore
Singapore Drama Educators Association